Our story

Our story

Writing a new chapter for the hotel

The unique location in a place with a rich literary history and the romantic atmosphere of the Old Town led us to the idea of something new. That's why, after completing the renovation of the hotel Leonardo, our hotel has a new name: BOOKQUET. An original combination of the English words BOOK a BOUQUET carries a book and a bouquet of flowers. An ideal new design for a place where literature and romance are combined.

Books and flowers

We would like BOOKQUET to become a place with an authentic atmosphere for its guests, where the modern and elegant style fits perfectly with the long history of the hotel building and where books become the main motto. And that is why books, which we see as a symbol of education, art and relaxation, can be found literally at every turn in the hotel, just like bouquets of fresh flowers. All this contributes to the relaxed, cozy and romantic hotel atmosphere that our guests love so much and for which they regularly return to us.


Read the story of Hotel BOOKQUET. Or start writing the next chapter with us.


A little bit of history

Hotel BOOKQUET, like the building in which it is located, has a long history. It was originally called U Kuchyňků and already in the 15th century, it served as an inn with accommodation facilities. It was already popular with visitors at that time thanks to its location in the center of old Prague, which allowed them to discover the beauty of the city, and also to go on business trips. In fact, the hotel was conveniently located near the market on Rytířská Street, where the townspeople shopped every Friday. At that time, guests arrived at the inn on horseback or in carriages. The inn could accommodate up to 16 horses. The street in which the hotel was located was called Poštovská Street in those days. It was the seat of the post office, which played an important role in the town. The hotel is still popular with guests today thanks to its location (and not only). 

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